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Israel's plans against Syria


Warning about US plans to nuke Russia and China

Washington Plans to Nuke Russia and China
Paul Craig Roberts
27 April, 2017
Not everyone likes to hear about the threat of nuclear war. Some find refuge in denial and say that nuclear war is impossible because it makes no sense. Unfortunately, humankind has a long record of doing things that make no sense.
In previous posts in recent years I have pointed out both written documents and changes in US war doctrine that indicate that Washington is preparing a preemptive nuclear attack on Russia and China. More recently, I have shown that Washington’s demonization of Russia and President Putin, the incessant lies about Russian deeds and intentions, and the refusal of Washington to cooperate with Russia on any issue have convinced the Russian government that Washington is preparing the Western populations for an attack on Russia. It is obvious that China has come to the same conclusion.
It is extremely dangerous to all of mankind for Washington to convince two nuclear powers that Washington is preparing a preemptive nuclear strike against them. It is impossible to imagine a more reckless and irresponsible act. Yet this is precisely what Washington has done.
Lt. Gen. Viktor Poznikhir, Deputy Head of Operations of the Russian General Staff has concluded that Washington in pursuit of global hegemony is implementing an anti-ballistic missile system that Washington believes can prevent a Russian nuclear response to a US pre-emptive attack.
Careful studies have convinced the Russians that Washington is investing in and arranging components that have no other function than to devastate Russia and cripple the country’s retaliatory capability. In short, Washington is preparing to launch a nuclear war.
As I explained previously, the theory behind this insane scheme is that after America’s preemptive strike Russia will be so devastated that Russia would not retaliate with any remaining forces out of fear that Washington would launch a second major strike. Washington also plans to use agents in place to assassinate as many members as possible of the Russian government, thus leaving the government in confusion without leadership.
Yes, the insane American/Israeli neoconservatives are this determined to exercise hegemony over the world.
Yes, Washington is sufficiently criminally insane to risk the destruction of life on earth based on the supposition that Washington’s offense will work perfectly and Russia and China’s capabilities will be so degraded that no retaliatory response will occur.
One might hope that the American and Western populations would be outraged that Washington is so power-crazed that Washington is subjecting all life to such risks. But there is no sign of an anti-war movement. The Western leftwing has degenerated into Identity Politics in which the only threat comes from white heterosexual males who are portrayed as misogynists, racists, and homophopes. The Western leftwing is no longer war-conscious. Indeed, the leftwing has become diverted into such silly irrelevancies as transgender rights to toilets of their choice. The impotence of the Western left is so overwhelming that the left might as well not exist.
Where then is the hope? Russia and China cannot simply sit there and await America’s preemptive nuclear strike.
Possibly Washington does not intend a preemptive strike, but only to convince Russia and China that Washington’s preparations give Washington so much predominance in a conflict that Russia and China will submit to Washington’s hegemony. But this interpretation of Washington’s intention implies no less risk. Why would Russia and China wait for Washington to complete its preparations for war, preparations that permit Washington to turn Russia and China into puppet states?
The US military/security complex has clearly prevailed over Trump’s intention to normalize relations between the US and Russia, and anti-Russian venom continues to pour out of NATO and Washington’s European vassal states. The majority of the American people seem to have accepted the propaganda that Russia is the number one threat to the United States. With propaganda controlling the explanation, Washington’s aggressive actions are explained as defense against a threat and not as a policy that will end life on earth.
The chances are high that life on earth is approaching its end. The responsibility lies heavily on the American people, whose success, due to the mistakes of others, made Americans think that they are exceptional and privileged. Unaware of the inhumane threat to all life that is embodied in the neoconservative claim that Americans are exceptional and indispensable, the self-satisfied American public is unaware of the consequences of such hubris. Hubris is leading them, and the entire world, to slaughter in thermo-nuclear war.
The neoconservative claim of American exceptionalism is the identical claim made for Germans by Hitler. If Americans are indispensable, everyone else is dispensable and can be “bombed into the stone age” as one US government official put it, or nuked as Washington intends to do to Russia and China. The claim of American exceptionalism is not accepted by Russia and China. Therefore, the insane, crazed monsters who rule over the West in Washington are bringing life on earth to an end.
And there are no protests. The idiot British, the idiot Germans, the idiot French, Italians, Canadians, Australians, Belgians, Greeks, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, rally behind the insanity that is Washington.
And so apparently do the American people, a population stupid beyond all belief.

U.S. Could Land in ‘Major, Major Conflict’ With North Korea - Trump

BREAKING: Trump Says There ‘Absolutely’ May Be A War With North Korea Soon

27 April, 2017

The president of the United States just said he was open to the possibility of a huge fallout with North Korea.

Since taking office just a few months ago, Trump has repeatedly tarnished the already sullied reputation of America. He has assassinated the characters of people based solely on their race or ability, he has been sued countless times, and accused of violating the constitution more than once.

Now, the jackass insists that, while he would prefer a less aggressive approach to solving the issue of Korea’s nuclear missile capabilities, he has no problem starting a new war. The tiny tyrant said this to Reuters Thursday afternoon:

There is a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with North Korea. Absolutely.”

Those words don’t seem to phase him, as Trump likely can’t wrap his feathered head around the concept of war being an extremely detrimental thing that would cost money and lives.

Trump continued:

We’d love to solve things diplomatically but it’s very difficult,”

The ease with which Trump talks about going to war is extremely alarming for anyone who has ever had to kiss a soldier, seamen, marine, or airmen goodbye. This is unsettling to say the very least. Americans should be terrified at the thought of Donald Trump remaining the commander-in-chief.

We can do better, America.

U.S. Could Land in ‘Major, Major Conflict’ With North Korea, Trump Says in New Interview

27 April, 2017

The U.S. could be headed toward a "major, major conflict" with North Korea over that nation's nuclear and missile programs, according to President Donald Trump, although he still hopes a peaceful resolution can be reached by applying diplomacy and economic sanctions.

Trump made his remarks Thursday in an interview with Reuters, saying: "We'd love to solve things diplomatically but it's very difficult."

A little more than three months into his presidency, Trump has made a resolution of the North Korean nuclear threat a top priority. He is responding to the Pyongyang regime's repeated tests of ballistic missiles, it's purported attempts to soon test another nuclear device and its bellicose words.

Trump spoke just hours after a North Korean propaganda outlet put out a video simulating an attack on America, with the White House and aircraft carriers superimposed with targets.

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Trump also told Reuters that he was operating under the assumption that the 33-year-old North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un, was rational.

He noted that the young dictator had taken control of North Korea at a young age.

"He's 27 years old. His father dies, took over a regime. So say what you want but that is not easy, especially at that age, Trump said, adding: "I'm not giving him credit or not giving him credit, I'm just saying that's a very hard thing to do. As to whether or not he's rational, I have no opinion on it. I hope he's rational."

Trump continued to emphasize the importance of China, North Korea's most important ally, in resolving the crisis. The president lauded Chinese President Xi Jinping, who Trump met last month in Florida.

Image: President Donald Trump speaks during an interview with Reuters in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington

"I believe he is trying very hard," Trump said of Xi in the Reuters interview. "He certainly doesn't want to see turmoil and death. He doesn't want to see it. He is a good man. He is a very good man and I got to know him very well.

"With that being said, he loves China and he loves the people of China. I know he would like to be able to do something, perhaps it's possible that he can't."

Trump suggested that a more troublesome showdown could be in the offing. "There is a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with North Korea. Absolutely," the president said in the Oval Office interview, which was scheduled ahead of his 100th day in office, which comes on Saturday.

The White House invited American lawmakers to the White House Wednesday for a briefing by the president and his national security team on the standoff. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is expected Friday to ask the United Nations Security Council to pump up sanctions against North Korea.

The new Republican Administration has said it would consider military action to stamp out the North Korean nuclear threat. The rogue nation is already believed to have missiles that can fire a nuclear device on South Korea, Japan and other close neighbors.

Experts believe that the Kim regime is several years away from producing a rocket that could fire a nuclear warhead on the U.S. mainland.

U.S. officials have signaled that a military strike remains an option and sent an aircraft carrier and nuclear-powered submarine into the region to demonstrate strength.

But the Trump Administration has suggested that would not be a preferred option and some experts have said that an attack on North Korea would likely lead to a major counter-attack.

"There is no way to hit North Korea without being hit back harder. There is no military means to 'preempt' its capabilities — nuclear and otherwise — with a 'surgical' strike," Asia scholar John Delury wrote in an opinion piece in the Washington Post. "Any use of force to degrade its weapons program would start a war, the costs of which would be staggering."

US journalist arrested for his views

US Detains Journalist For Exercising Free Speech
US intelligence reporter Barrett Brown was arrested, again, on Thursday morning for criticizing the US government while appearing on radio interviews.

27 April, 2017

I would call the people who did this a bunch of chicken-sh*t a**holes that are brutalizing the Constitution,” Brown’s lawyer, Jay Leiderman, said following his client’s detainment. 

Brown first won acclaim for reporting on Stratfor’s intelligence operations directed against US civilians. The Justice Department told Bank of America that Stratfor would be ideally suited to conduct these operations. As the tales of corporate espionage emerged, Brown reported on the leaks, which made waves due to the operations coinciding with the Occupy Wall Street movement. 
The government tried to paint Brown as the person who leaked these documents, though he’d only reported on them. He initially faced a 100-year sentence. After pleading guilty to two charges pertaining to obstruction of justice and threatening an FBI agent, Brown’s sentence was knocked down to five years and three months. In sum, Brown’s helped spark the war on leaks that persists to this day.
Brown was put in handcuffs during a routine check-in, before being taken to an unknown facility. Since being released early from jail, Brown has not missed a single meeting with prison authorities.
Following his arrest, Brown told his mom he believes authorities brought him into custody over failure to gain “permission” to provide interviews with news outlets after he was released in November. Brown’s first exclusive interview was given to Radio Sputnik’s By Any Means Necessary with the ever-affable Eugene Puryear.
Brown also spoke to Vice News last week and was slated to go on PBS Friday for another interview, and these appearances may be what landed him back in jail. So much for free speech. 
If this were happening in another country, [the US government] would deplore it,” former CIA clandestine operative Barry Eisley tweeted.  
According to his mother, Brown said that the Bureau of Prisons never informed him that he would need to get special permission to do TV or radio interviews. Brown’s point of contact with the BOP, Luz Lujan, refused to give Brown “copies of program statement rules saying this is a requirement during halfway house and/or home confinement status.” When Lujan finally got back to Brown after a week of not returning his calls, Brown received a form for reporters visiting an inmate in prison, the Intercept reported. The BOP also never showed Brown the document stating why he had to get permission. 
In other words, according to Brown, he was never provided a copy of the form he is now being arrested for not having filled out. 
You guys are going to carry out this, you guys are going to characterize this as a refusal of an order that they’re not giving me in writing,” Barrett said in a recorded conversation with his case manager. If failing to cooperate with BOP restrictions on interviews is the reason Brown was stripped of his freedoms during a routine meeting, that would be “disgusting,” his lawyer said, noting that the so-called restrictions seem to have been created on an improvised basis.
UPDATE: "This is a terrible affront to the First Amendment," Leiderman told Sputnik News in an exclusive interview. Ironically, Brown was never required to get permissions to do interviews while he was previously in federal custody, Leiderman added. 
Within the past two days, Brown was asked to produce "prior authorizations" to conduct interviews. "It came out of the blue," Leiderman continued. Brown never actually said no to getting the prior authorizations, but simply requested that the BOP furnish the policy manual which Lujan said was the reason Brown was being asked to get the permissions. The counselor is "not aware" of any existing precedent where the BOP deployed this policy manual, which adds fire to the claim that this policy measure is being used against Brown personally.
Brown's words "are weapons of mass education, which is why they are targeting him." 

Israel shoots down Syrian drone over Golan

Israel shoots down Syrian drone over Golan hours after Damascus airport ‘incident’

Israel shoots down Syrian drone over Golan hours after Damascus airport ‘incident’

27 April, 2017

The IDF has fired a Patriot missile that allegedly destroyed a Syrian drone over the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights hours after an ‘incident’ near Damascus International Airport, widely reported as an alleged Israeli strike on Hezbollah arms depot.

Confirming that the Patriot missile successfully intercepted the unmanned aerial vehicle over the Golan Heights, the IDF stressed that the UAV was under Israeli Air Force’s “full surveillance” during the brief time it was in “Israeli airspace.”

The IDF will not allow any breach of Israel’s airspace and will act against any attempt of infiltration,” the army said in a statement, according to the Times of Israel and Haaretz reports.

Initially the IDF said that it shot down “a target” or an “unidentified aircraft” over the Golan Heights, but it was not immediately clear what kind of target that was. The army later confirmed that it was an apparent Syrian drone

Security camera footage, shared by Israeli Channel 1 editor Amichai Stein, showed the moment a Patriot missile was launched to take down the drone.

: Patriot missile was fired from a base in northern Israel after an unidentified aircraft was detected in the sky
The drone incident comes after the official Syrian state news agency SANA, citing an unnamed military source, accused Israel of striking a military installation near Damascus International Airport.

A military position southwest of Damascus International Airport was exposed to an Israeli aggression with several missiles fired from inside the occupied territories at dawn on Thursday causing explosions in the place and leaving some material losses,” a military source told SANA. The source added that the alleged Israeli strikes are a “desperate attempt” to raise the “collapsed morale of terrorist groups” amid the Syrian army advance.

While Israel has neither officially confirmed nor denied striking targets inside Syria, a “regional” intelligence source told Reuters that an Israeli attack hit Hezbollah’s arms supply hub near Damascus airport.

When contacted by RT to provide any details on the explosions near Damascus Airport, the IDF press office repeatedly declined to comment on the incident.

Earlier in the day, however, Israeli Intelligence Minister Israel Katz said that the “incident” in the vicinity of Damascus International Airport was in line with Israel’s policies.

The incident in Syria corresponds completely with Israel’s policy to act to prevent Iran’s smuggling of advanced weapons via Syria to Hezbollah in Iran,” Katz told Israeli Army Radio, according to Reuters.

Naturally, I don’t want to elaborate on this,” Katz added.

Israel has been repeatedly accused – but rarely admitted – of carrying out a number of strikes in Syria since 2011 targeting arms convoys of its Lebanese foe Hezbollah.

In mid-March, Israel confirmed that its jets conducted airstrikes near Palmyra, allegedly destroying “advanced arms” destined to Hezbollah. In response, Syria’s air defense forces fired anti-aircraft missiles at the planes as they were returning from their mission. Syria warned that scud missiles would be fired towards Israeli targets if Israel carried out any further airstrikes in the war-torn country.

to : Israeli airstrikes in Syria will continue
The Russian Foreign ministry on Thursday criticized any “aggression” against Syria, without pinning blame for the Damascus airport incident on any party.

Moscow condemns acts of aggression against Syria” and calls on everyone to “act within the framework of respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria,” spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said.

Iran’s Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan meanwhile condemned the strikes, saying in an interview with RT that they “help terrorists.”

The Syrian state and its army are progressing. They are advancing and gaining territories from the terrorists,” the official told RT while on a visit to Moscow. “When it becomes worse for the terrorists, the strikes follow, bringing them a message saying: 'We are defending and protecting you, so don’t worry and if it’s necessary we’ll intervene.' In my opinion, those operations help terrorists.”

Turkish freighter sinks Russian warship

Diplomatic incident in the Black Sea: Turkish freighter sinks Russian warship with 15 Russians missing: Event was "out of the ordinary"Russian commander


28 April, 2017

Former commander of the fleet, Adm Viktor Kravchenko, told Interfax the event was "out of the ordinary".

"There have been collisions but I do not remember a case like this, of a vessel, a warship sinking after it," he said.

A Russian warship has sunk after colliding with a freighter off the coast of Istanbul in the Black Sea, Turkey's coastal safety authority said.

Turkish media reports say 15 Russian soldiers are missing after their warship collided with a freighter off Istanbul, in the Black Sea.

Private television station NTV says 45 other soldiers were rescued after the accident Thursday but 15 are missing.

NTV says rescue boats and helicopters have been dispatched to the area.
The Turkish coast guard originally said that all 78 personnel in the Russian intelligence vessel named Liman have been rescued.

Liman "sustained a hull breach due to a collision" with the ship Ashot-7, 40 kilometres northwest of the Bosphorus Strait, Russia's defence ministry said in a statement carried by Russian agencies.

The Russian military said it is trying to identify the owner of the Ashot-7 ship.
Turkey's coastal safety authority said the ship sank after colliding with a Togo-flagged vessel.

Turkish officials did not give any details on the ship, or the condition of its crew.
The Liman is a former research vessel that the Russian navy has retro-fitted into a reconnaissance ship.

Military sources told Russian media in February that it would be observing NATO's Sea Shield exercise in the Black Sea.

A BBC report claims; The BSF said the Russian crew had followed all the rules of sailing and manoeuvring and it suggested the incident had been caused by the other ship, Russia's Interfax news agency reports.
A former commander of the fleet, Adm Viktor Kravchenko, told Interfax the event was "out of the ordinary".

"There have been collisions but I do not remember a case like this, of a vessel, a warship sinking after it," he said.

Helen Clark endorses Saudi oppression of women

Helen Clark endorses Saud Arabia on UN Women’s Rights Commision


Saudi Arabia is the most oppressive country in the world in terms of women's right's. Every Saudi woman must have a male guardian who makes all critical decisions on her behalf, controlling a woman’s life from her birth until death. By law Saudi women are not permitted to drive.

Australia wants a missile defence shield

Any doubts about where the fascist government of Australia stands.

Australia needs to build a missile defence shield: former national security adviser Andrew Shearer

27 April, 2017

Rising tensions with North Korea underscore the need for Australia to "get much more serious" about amassing a missile defence system that could protect overseas forces and ultimately the mainland, a former national security adviser says.

Andrew Shearer, a leading defence specialist who worked for former prime ministers Tony Abbott and John Howard, is one of several experts who told Fairfax Media that Australia needed to consider missile defence to counter rapid advances in ballistic missile technology that are increasing in range and accuracy.

A system that protects the Australian continent would cost billions of dollars. While missile defence has come a long way since the days of former US president Ronald Reagan's Star Wars scheme, intercepting long-range, intercontinental ballistic missiles remains a major technical challenge.

But Mr Shearer, who is based at the Washington-based Centre for Strategic and International Studies, told Fairfax Media: "The problem is that North Korean – and Chinese – missile development has been accelerating very rapidly, particularly over the past few years, to the extent it has often taken western analysts by surprise.

"The cumulative effective of these capabilities is to increase the missile threat to ADF forces deployed forward in the [Asia] region – whether independently or as part of an allied coalition – but also, over time, to reduce Australia's strategic depth and put Australian and allied forces operating from rear bases on the mainland at greater risk. The latter is a new threat but one that will become very real over the next decade."

He said that Australia therefore had to "get much more serious, potentially quite quickly given the looming North Korea threat, about missile defence for deployed forces".

In the longer run, defence planners needed to examine systems "to defend the continent against the new and growing threat posed by long-range ballistic missiles that could be used to strike or intimidate future Australian governments".

Such a move would see Australia join an elite group of nations with a missile defence system, including France, the United Kingdom, Japan, Israel and Russia.

North Korea last week warned that Australia's support for the US "will be a suicidal act of coming within the range of the nuclear strike", though it does not yet have the technology to deliver a nuclear weapon to Australia.

Mr Shearer and others said Australia could upgrade the navy's coming Air Warfare Destroyers so that their Aegis combat system could fire SM-3 missiles to intercept missiles.

He said ultimately Australia needed to consider systems akin to Terminal High Altitude Area Defence – or THAAD – system being deployed in South Korea or the US PAC-3 Patriot system.

The Turnbull government's 2016 defence white paper said the risk of missile attack on Australia was "low" but warned that "longer-range and submarine-launched ballistic and cruise missiles could threaten Australian territory, and shorter-range ballistic and cruise missiles pose a threat to our deployed forces".

Australia and the US have formed a working group to consider an integrated air and missile defence system but Australia's priorities for that are defending forces deployed in the region.

Malcolm Davis, a senior analyst at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, said: "I don't think it's acceptable for us to do nothing. We do have to play a more serious role in this discussion rather than say it's too hard and the risks don't generate sufficient impetus to do something about it."

He said the best value for money would be sea-based systems that could protect deployed forces but also help allies and partners such as Japan and South Korea.

If a missile-equipped ship is placed close enough to the launch site of an ICBM, it can shoot it down in early in flight though this is difficult, he said.

ASPI's executive director Peter Jennings said Australia should "now more decisively move in the direction" of sea-based missile defence to defend troops and allies in Asia because the "the missile threat is becoming so ubiquitous".

But he said it was "less logical" to use to try and protect the whole of Australia.

"You'd spend billions basically equipping systems across the country that would be probably way too expensive given the realistic level of the threat."

Stephan Fruehling from the Australian National University said Australia should look to provide a contribution to allies and partners through asset it already had such as the Air Warfare Destroyer and Wedgetail radar plane rather than establish whole new systems against long-range missiles.

Global tensions over the North Korea threat remain high. The US on Wednesday started moving parts of its THAAD anti-missile defence system into South Korea to counter threats from the rogue neighbouring state.

The planned site is about 250 kilometres south of Seoul and is expected to be operational by the end of the year.